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Max doing his part to promote Tim Dorsey's annual book signing event, held at the store.


Ocassionally, I will purchase books. Please understand, I have over 150,000 books, so I have seen ALOT of really cool books. My inventory is quiet full, but if you bring in something really interesting, or collectible, I just might be interested. What do I buy? I honestly have no idea til I see it-Surprise Me!, but I can tell you what I NEVER buy:

Modern Fiction-both paperback and hardcover (titles would include Grisham, Patterson, Sanford, Steele, etc)**
Readers Digest
Encyclopedias after the late 20's
Time/Life series
National Geographics

**I sometimes purchase Classic Fiction-Hemingway, Steinbeck, etc. and Stephen King, John D. Macdonald, etc. depending on need.

**Condition, supply and demand are always important...please see above

Brant's has hosted customers from all over the world and I love hearing all the stories. Browse, enjoy, smell, listen and relax among all the knowledge that can be found on the shelves. That's what a great bookstore should do, create a space where the mind can wander and the body can relax. I hope you will come by and enjoy the store, and the books, as much as I do.

And finally, we sell on eBay and sometimes Amazon. If you are going to whine about how you can buy it online for 1 penny, please do so (not the whinning, the buying part, hopefully you are supporting another independent). I am a small independent bookstore and can not possibly compete with mega sellers. You will find that MOST of my books are priced within a couple dollars of most online sellers. I have a passion for books and feel that a bookstore, such as mine, is an important part of a community. This community has supported Brants for over 62 years, and for that I am grateful.  I have worked very hard to keep my prices as low as possible and policies in line with an enjoyable shopping experience, while still staying in business.

Welcome to Brant's Books, one of Florida's oldest and largest used bookstores. With over 150,000 books we have a very eclectic collection of rare, out of print and bestsellers. Most of our books are priced half the current list price unless they are signed, out of print or a First Edition.

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Best Book Quote Ever

Outside of a dog, books are mans best friend-Inside of a dog it is too dark to read

                     -Groucho Marx


Brant's has over 150,000 books and many of them come in because of our trade system. Ocassionally we will purchase harder to find or more collectible books, please see "Buying" tab below.

You are welcome to bring in any books, from any place, into the store so we can evaluate them for trade credit. At this time I am not accepting hardcover modern fiction. Most books, that we need for our inventory, will receive $1.00 trade credit, per book. Please note: stickers, creased covers and overall wear could affect trade credit.

The credit can be used towards other like books/genres....for example if you bring in cookbooks, you will get a credit to spend on other cookbooks, Sci Fi for Sci Fi, etc. Paperback mystery for the like. This system keeps our stock balanced. We don't have a limit as to how many books can be brought in, but if you back up a semi, we might have to have a conversation. Also, we don't hold credit, so you will have to use it the same day. I close at 5 most days, so please plan accordingly.

There are some books that you can not use trade credit to purchase. Included are some classics, signed, First Editions and Bestsellers. Example: our GAME OF THRONES books can not be purchased with trade credit, however, they are usually priced HALF the CURRENT list price, unless they are signed or a First Edition. The trade system does not keep us in business, people buying books does. Please stop begging me to trade your complete set of Readers Digest for a signed First Edition. It just doesn't work that way.

A Word About Supply, Demand & Condition

Supply, demand and condition are what we look for. Your complete set of Danielle Steele that was left in the attic, that was torn open during a hurricane, and then dried on your back lawn with your dog George-who has mange, is just not that interesting to me. I am the first person to never want to throw out a book, but sometimes recyclying can be your friend.

We understand, used books are used, a certain amount of wear is expected. However, if your books are, or have been wet, ripped, torn, excessively highlighted or smell of smoke or strong perfumes, I probably won't need them. Occasionally I will take books in that are "reading copies"-cosmetically not pretty, but no damage to the text of the book. These books are given less than full credit.